Sunday, February 12, 2012

BDI(Traffic School) Answers - Florida

Here is my results. :] Hope this helps someone.

1. Alcohol gets to the brain through
Correct Answer: A. Blood
2. How much do motor vehicle crashes cost American tax payers annually?
Correct Answer: A. 230.6 billion
3. Cars entering from a side road should be aware of your intended move and yield the right of way.
Correct Answer: B. False
4. Passing on the shoulder is not permitted under any conditions.
Correct Answer: A. True
5. Signal the vehicle behind you by using your directional.
Correct Answer: A. True
6. Pedestrians will always wait on the sidewalk before entering onto the street.
Correct Answer: B. False
7. A "Reduction of Lanes" sign means:
Correct Answer: B. The numbers of lanes are reduced ahead.
8. Speeding is one of the most prevalent factors in a crash.
Correct Answer: A. True
9. You should always _______________ when monitoring vehicle maintenance.
Correct Answer: D. All the above.
10. Some factors that increase the risk of having a sleep related traffic crash are:
Correct Answer: D. All the above.
11. Proper air pressure in your tires is not that important to arrive safely.
Correct Answer: B. False
12. In 2004, 14,409 traffic fatalities in the US occurred in which one person had a BAC of at least .08.
Correct Answer: A. True
13. The average drivers' reaction time in a clinical laboratory is
Correct Answer: C. 3/4 of a second
14. It is against the law in the state of Florida for any person to operate a motor vehicle unless each passenger under the age of __________ is restrained by a safety belt.
Correct Answer: D. 18
15. Blue and white signs direct you to recreational areas.
Correct Answer: B. False
16. A White traffic sign means:
Correct Answer: D. Regulation
17. Eliminating stress from your life is possible.
Correct Answer: B. False
18. You can extend the life of your tires by avoiding:
Correct Answer: D. All the above.
19. What is the primary reason for crashes while using a cellular phone?
Correct Answer: D. Talking on the phone.
20. How many crashes were there during the night in Florida in 2004?
Correct Answer: B. 76,636
21. What is the average cost for a DUI conviction?
Correct Answer: C. $8,000 - $12,000
22. What is the alcohol content in an average glass of wine?
Correct Answer: C. 12 % alcohol
23. Do not hold any child in your arms while riding in a moving motor vehicle.
Correct Answer: A. True
24. How many Americans will be involved in an alcohol impaired car crash in their lifetime?
Correct Answer: C. 3 out of 10
25. How many motorcyclists were killed in Florida in 2004?
Correct Answer: D. 388
26. The Smith system of "leave yourself an out" helps in your decision making process.
Correct Answer: A. True
27. You are considered a habitual traffic offender if you have accumulated 3 or more major traffic violations within a 5 year period.
Correct Answer: A. True
28. Using your high beams in the fog will help you see further
Correct Answer: B. False
29. An individuals BAC is not dependent on...
Correct Answer: C. IQ
30. In 2004, 80% of the speeding drivers under 21 years old in the US who were involved in fatal crashes were also impaired, with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of .08 or greater.
Correct Answer: B. False
31. More school-age pedestrians are killed in the afternoon than in the morning.
Correct Answer: A. True
32. Higher speeds require more space for a maneuver.
Correct Answer: A. True
33. Once you complete the pass, it is not necessary to signal your return back to the proper lane.
Correct Answer: B. False
34. How much did the average alcohol related fatality cost in Florida in 2004?
Correct Answer: C. 3.3 million
35. If your head lights go out and you can still see, it is ok to drive the car home.
Correct Answer: B. False
36. What does BAC mean?
Correct Answer: A. Blood Alcohol Concentration
37. Coffee will help sober you up.
Correct Answer: B. False
38. What will affect your reaction time?
Correct Answer: D. All of the above
39. When your driver's license is revoked, it means that it is taken away for only 6 months.
Correct Answer: B. False
40. Antilock brakes are the same as conventional brakes.
Correct Answer: B. False 

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